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For Ages 9 - Adult

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Learning Management System

The Creator Bot curriculum is housed on our very own LMS. The content in the LMS is interactive! This means that the user can click, drag, slide, and watch to learn, answer challenges, & stay engaged.

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3D Printing Guide

Learn how to 3D print the STL files on any 3D printer and software. The whole idea around 3D printing is all about customization. Learn how to customize your Creator Bot's accessories to look and feel how you want. This includes color, shape, design, words, and more! 

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Learn coding and engineering by following step by step lessons with exciting challenges in a complete project-based, hands-on package, complete with formative and summative assessments to track learning on key concepts. 

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3D .STL Files

Using any 3D printer, simply click and print accessories for the Creator Bot! This includes a bumper, spoiler, top shell and fins! 

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Video Tutorials

Enjoy the simplicity of learning from watching videos! Dive further into the engineering concepts by watching our hand crafted videos that explain each lesson step-by-step. 

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Standards Aligned Curriculum

Each lesson is aligned to specific academic standards established by the CSTA and Next Generation Science Standards NGSS.

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What Can The Mini-Bot Do?


Creator Board Microcontroller: Premium open-source Arduino based platform featuring 14 digital input/output pins, and 6 analog inputs.

Motor Driver: Dual motor controller module allows you to control the speed and direction of two DC motors. Space themed challenges test your knowledge!

Ultrasonic Sensors: Three ultrasonic sensors provide front and peripheral vision for truly optimal performance. Ultrasonic sensors measure distance by using ultrasonic waves. The sensor emits an ultrasonic wave and receives the wave reflected back from an object. Ultrasonic sensors are used to help the Creator Bot avoid obstacles.

Line Sensors: Two line sensors provide optimal performance when following a path. The sensors detect reflected light coming from its own infrared LED.

Breadboard: Fundamental component in learning to build circuits. The breadboard is an optimal way to learn circuits and basic engineering!​ LEDs, Buttons, Switches, Potentiometers, and more can be plugged into the breadboard to create complete circuits.

Wireless Remote Control:  Code your video-game remote controlled buttons and joysticks for full multi-direction control and to power lights, sounds, and more! 

Touch Sensor: Tactile sensors and are sensitive to touch, force or pressure. Code your touch sensor to control your lights, sounds, and more.​

Liquid Crystal Display: Back light display can show two rows with up to 16 characters and  many shapes on each row - code it to display any message you want!

Voice Recorder and Speaker: Record anything with the simple press of a button! Record sounds, music, and your own voice!

RGB LED Panel: Control the color of your Creator Bot's smile using a remote. Choose if your robot is happy, sad, angry, excited, and more!

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What's In the Box?

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  • 2x LCD Mount

  • 2x Arduino Mount

  • 3x Ultrasonic Mount

  • 1x Line Sensor Mount

  • 1x Breadboard Plate

  • 1x Amplifier Mount

  • 2x PS2 Mount

  • 1x Stud

  • 1x Panel Mount

  • 2x Breadboard Mount

  • 4x Stopper

  • 2x Recorder Mount

  • 2x Motor Driver Mount

​Creator Mini-Bot Frame: The frame is constructed out of an extremely durable 2-Dimensional laser cut ABS plastic. This means your robot is durable and light weight. It can be assembled and disassembled with ease by snapping the frame pieces together. No nuts and bolts required!

  • 1x Top Plate

  • 1x Middle Plate

  • 1x Bottom Plate

  • 2x Touch Sensor Mount

  • 2x Rear Motor Mount

  • 2x Front Motor Mount

  • 5x Strut

  • ​2x Front Motor Mount

  • 2x Rear Motor Mount

  • 5x Strut

  • 2x Touch Sensor Mount

  • 2x LCD Mount

  • 2x PS2 Mount

  • 1x Amplifier Mount

  • 2x Voice Recorder Mount

  • 3x Ultrasonic Mount

  • 1x Panel Mount

  • 1x Line Sensor Mount

  • 4x Stopper

  • 1x Stud

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  • Access Card to the LMS

  • Build Instructions

  • Lessons, Examples and Challenges

  • Video Tutorials

  • Interactive content

  • Quizzes

  • 3D Printing Guide

Curriculum Access Card

Circuit Components: The Creator Bot comes with tons of fun electrical components that can be powered and controlled by code. Bring your robot to life by programming sounds, lights, movement, and more!

  • 1x Creator Board

  • 1x PS2 Controller

  • 1x PS2 Receiver

  • 1x Breadboard

  • 2x DC Motor

  • 1x Motor Driver

  • 3x Ultrasonic Sensor

  • 2x Line Sensor

  • 1x LCD Screen

  • 1x Amplifier

  • 1x Voice Recorder

  • 1x Speaker

  • 1x RGB LED Panel

  • 1x RGB Remote

  • 1x Touch Sensor

  • 4x Slide Switch

  • 4x Potentiometer

  • 4x Tactile Push Button

  • 10x LED

  • 2x RGB LED

  • 10x 330Ω Resistor

  • 4x 10kΩ Resistor

  • 4x 1kΩ Resistor

  • 40-pin Male-to-Male 20cm Wires

  • 40-pin Male-to-Female 20cm Wires

  • 40-pin Male-to-Female 40cm Wires

  • ​1x USB-B Cord

  • ​1x 8-Cell AA Battery Holder

Structure and Tools: Some integral parts and tools of the Creator Bot that function to connect the bot together in important ways. 

  • 2x Wheel

  • ​1x USB-B Cord

  • 1x Flathead Screwdriver

  • 1x Phillips Head Screwdriver

  • 1x Acrylic Plate -Black

  • 1x Acrylic Plate -White

  • 1x 8-Cell AA Battery Holder

  • 40-pin Male-to-Female 40cm Wires

  • 40-pin Male-to-Male 20cm Wires

  • 40-pin Male-to-Female 20cm Wires

  • 1x Breadboard

Online Curriculum: Each Creator Bot kit comes with an Access Card that walks you through how to access your online curriculum. Simply follow the instructions on the Access Card and start building your Creator Bot today!

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  • 120 + hours of content

  • Video tutorials

  • Lessons and Challenges

  • Interactive content

  • Step-by-step programming Instructions

  • Line or Block programming options

  • 3D printing Guide

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​Learning Management System (LMS): The Creator Mini-Bot comes with 120+ hours of content. The instructions for this robot can be accessed at once you receive your access code.  

Block & Line Programming: Program the Creator Mini-Bot with a block-based program called Snap4Arduino. Snap4Arduino is incredibly similar to Scratch and uses Arduino to program the robot. The Mini-Bot can also be programmed in Arduino using Arduino IDE, based on C++. 

Self-Paced or Teacher Led: The curriculum can be completely self-paced or taught by a teacher, whether by a Creator Bot partner school, camp, or after school program, or through one of our own Virtual Classes that can be signed up for in our Shop. 

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What's In the Curriculum?

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