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Creator Bots Warranty

Product Category

Warranty Period

Electronic Components

One Year


Six Months

Battery (if purchased)

Six Months (damage to battery shell during use is not included)

ABS pieces

One Year

Others (mechanical parts, consumable parts* etc.)

Only replaced if defective upon receiving.

Warranty covers Creator Mega Bot, Creator Mini Bot, and Creator Micro Bot

*The consumable parts are including but not limited to screwdriver, jumper wires, push button, slide switch, potentiometer, LED’s, RGB LED, resistors.

If you are not sure whether this warranty policy is applicable to your product, please contact us at

Warranty Policies

  • Replacement: Creator Bots will replace any defective products if notified of the defect within seven calendar days since the date you receive the product. Creator Bots will provide you free of charge a replacement of the same or latest version of the product.

  • Replenishment: Creator Bots will ship you free of charge any missing products or components if notified within seven calendar days since the date you receive the product.

  • Repairs: During the Warranty Period, if you find any performance issue with the product which is covered by this Limited Warranty, Creator Bots will provide free service to repair or replace defective components after the issue is confirmed.

Not covered by This Limited Warranty

This limited warranty does not cover any damage caused by: (1) any failure of the product due to the operating environment, including but not limited to overvoltage, overcurrent, lightning, extreme high temperature, extreme high humidity, vibration, (2) external causes such as earthquake, fire, (3) unexpected factors or human behaviors damage the products, such as liquid contact, abuse, oxidation, rust, (4) failure to follow the product instructions to install, use, maintain, store the product, (5) unauthorized modification or assembly of the product, (6) transportation or storage when the purchaser ships the product back to Creator Bot, (7) including but not limited to other non-design, technical, manufacturer, quality issue.

After-sales Contact


Return Policy

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your Creator Bot Products. All unopened kits, individual modules and other products are eligible for return within 30 days of receipt. We cannot reimburse you for the cost of shipment, unfortunately. It is your responsibility to pack the returned product appropriately and with enough protection so that it arrives undamaged. We will not be able to refund any products that arrive damaged to our location. For your peace of mind please send the return via recorded delivery and retain the tracking number. We will refund the cost of the product(s) to the debit or credit card (or any other payment method) used to pay. You should expect to receive the refund within 9 working days of us receiving it. If you have any questions about selecting the right product, placing an order, or arranging a return please contact us at the contact below for assistance.

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