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  • What’s a Creator Bot?
    Creator Bots is a fun way to begin to learn the basics of robotics - integrating hardware components and software programming in a project-based format. Kids follow unique Mars Rover challenges to learn how to wire and program their robot.
  • What is Arduino?
    Arduino is an open-source electronics platform. Arduino boards are able to convert inputs like a light sensor or a button being pushed into an output like a motor or turning on an LED. The Arduino community is an exciting and integral part of the maker movement, since it runs on open source hardware and software, and has such an enormous base of engaged members.
  • What ages is it for?
    Creator Bots is designed for kids 8 -88 years in age. Older kids utilize our text based line coding, while younger kids tend to enjoy our block based coding lessons. Younger kids may need some support from an adult and may benefit from an optional added virtual robot class at some point in their learning.
  • Can teenagers or adults learn to code with Creator Bots?
    We have taught thousands of young adults with Creator Bots and they have enjoyed learning the basics of Arduino, circuits, and robotics, especially with our Creator Mega-Bot, which even comes with a comprehensive course that has been approved for UC university credit.
  • Which bot is right for my elementary aged kid or students?
    We recommend the Creator Micro-Bot for 3rd grade up to 5th, and the Creator Mini-Bot for 4th grade and up. The Creator Mini-Bot comes with about twice the number of components and curriculum as the Micro-Bot contains.
  • What do kids need to use it?
    Any computer (MAC, PC, Linux, or Chromebook) can be used. That's it!
  • How does it work?
    When you purchase a Creator Bot Kit, you’ll have access to our step-by-step curriculum. The curriculum includes the Mars Rover story and unique challenges as well as assessments and an online technical manual. You will also have access to stellar technical support team for any questions you may run into.
  • Can I re-use or rebuild the robot after I build it?
    Yes! We provide a tool in your kit which allows you to easily take apart your bot to rebuild it as many times as you want. The bots are built out of a very durable special plastic that will allow you to keep adding to it, and reusing it as you see fit.
  • How long will it take to receive my kit?
    Due to the global shipping crisis, you’ll receive your kit or class set within about a few weeks to six weeks of placing your order for orders inside the U.S., which is still a substantially shorter wait time than most educational robotics products. If you live in a country outside of the U.S., you can contact us for an estimate for delivery time on your order.
  • What if I don't have a 3D printer? Are Creator Bots right for me?
    If you don't have a 3D printer, don't worry! There are so many fun circuits and coding lessons and challenges that will make your coding and engineering journey more than worthwhile. If you like the colored parts on the bots you see, you can also add 3D printed accessory parts to your order to be delivered to you with your bot(s).
  • Where do you ship?
    We ship all over the world. For countries outside the U.S., additional shipping charges will be applied at checkout.
  • What can be 3D printed on the Creator Bots?
    In addition to the bumper and spoiler, which can be customized with different styles and patterns, the hoods are the largest and most important component to 3D print, with all sorts of designs that can attach to it, as well as be printed directly on them. Then, anything that fits the dimensions that match the attaching portions of the plates of the bot can be designed and printed once students understand how the hood and bumper connect/attach to the main body of the robot. Those can be design-oriented in purpose, or can be functional in purpose, such as holders for added components that can work with your existing components. We also have some fun models we can share, such as axles that can be 3D printed to fit tank style tread in place of wheels for a different kind of drive.


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