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The Creator Bot curriculum is housed on our very own LMS! The content includes interactive lessons, challenges, videos, quizzes, and more!


Teaching in the Classroom


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Curriculum Highlights

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3D Printing


Teach Virtually

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Curriculum Highlights
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Curriculum Highlights

  • Learn Alongside Your Students: The interactive curriculum is designed to be both a teacher led and self-paced learning tool for students and teachers. Learn with your students as you build your knowledge of circuits and code, and guide your students lesson by lesson. As an educator, you will not need to have prior knowledge of coding or circuits to be an excellent robotics teacher with Creator Bots!

  • Virtual Circuits: If a hands-on circuit building experience is not suitable for all the students in your classroom, we've added the curriculum you need so that your program can be taught in a virtual environment with the help of TinkerCAD virtual simulator. Construct the exact same circuits you would in real-life, virtually! TinkerCAD is a free virtual circuit building platform that allows you to create, code, and simulate your Creator Bot’s circuit projects. 

  • Track student progress: With our custom-built teacher portals, you can easily track all your students' progress, check their quiz scores, and assign activities for each class of your students.

  • Customizable Timetable: Whether you are an in a classroom or makerspace, after school club, or summer camp we can work together to implement a program that’s right for you. Each Creator Bot comes jam-packed with stuff to do. Not all of us have enough time to get through all of the curriculum. Pick and choose the components you want your class to learn about and skip the items you don't.

  • Student level: Depending on your students' level of programming, as the teacher, you can work side-by-side with block-based coders and text-based coders. The Curriculum comes in both block and text code!

  • Compatibility: All CreatorBots can be programmed from a Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computer!

  • Standards-Aligned & Certified: The curriculum is aligned to the latest leading academic standards, and some of our courses are accredited so they can count for college credits in Computer Science and robotics.

Teach in a Classroom

Teaching in the Classroom

Creator Bots are your robotic solution to teaching STEM in the classroom! Creator Bots combine coding, circuitry, engineering, building, 3D design & modeling, and 3D printing to introduce students to the world of STEM. Students work in teams or individually to complete exciting challenges that teach computer science, engineering, and design-thinking.


Build and program your Creator Bots to drive, avoid obstacles, follow a line, connect to a remote controller & much more.

Creator Bot Classroom Sets come with teacher/student access to interactive lessons held on an easy to use LMS that allows you to manage your classroom with ease while enabling students to learn both led by their teacher, and self-paced. 

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Teach Virtually

Teaching in a Virtual Classroom

Creators Bots can use the TinkerCAD® virtual circuit builder to create and simulate circuits using code! This online platform allows students to build circuits and then program them using block or text code in Arduino. The video to the right will show you how you can build a simple circuit on the TinkerCAD® platform!

With the TinkerCAD® online circuit builder, you can:

  • Manage your students

  • Create virtual classrooms

  • Observe and track student progress 

  • Troubleshoot student circuits and programs


Core Content on the LMS

Each Creator Bot comes with the core content listed below. First, we begin by introducing the world of circuitry by learning the main components that are used in circuit building. After the main components are discussed we work together to complete the simplest circuit of all, powering a light bulb.  After the core electrical components are learned and understood, we segue into controlling our circuits and each electronic component with code. Whether it be in block or text code, we learn the core concepts of programming by exploring the world of circuits with exciting projects and challenges.

  • Learn about LEDs, resistors, breadboards, wires and the Arduino.

  • Build simple LED circuits.

  • Troubleshoot circuits.

  • Identify resistor values by color.


Module 1

Circuit Building

  • Download the applications.

  • Explore application platforms.

  • Discuss the concept of code.

  • Learn what it means to program.


Module 2

Downloads and Setup

  • Discuss inputs versus outputs.

  • Program digital and analog sensors.

  • Use sensors to control output devices.

  • Explore sensors such as: 

    • Tactile Push Buttons

    • Slide Switches

    • Potentiometers

    • Touch Sensors


Module 4

Programming with Inputs

  • Investigate advanced coding concepts.

  • Discuss how to use arrays.

  • Create custom byte characters.

  • Create animations on a display.


Module 7

Advanced Coding Structures

  • Drive DC motors.

  • Create custom functions.

  • Use custom functions to simplify code.

  • Discuss the Switch/Case statement.

  • Understand how to use a While Loop.


Module 5

Programming Movement

  • Combine multiple libraries & components in a project. 

  • Explore the capabilities of the wireless controller library.

  • Discuss power: 5 volts versus 12 volts.


Module 8

Exploring Further

  • Program and control outputs.

  • Understand the basics of code:

    • Operators

    • Control structures

    • Variables

  • Use costumes and sprites.

  • Explore creative ways to control LEDs.


Module 3

Programming with Outputs

  • Discuss the purpose of libraries.

  • Download & install libraries in a program.

  • Learn the specific functions in a library.

  • Components that use libraries include: 

    • Buzzers and Speakers

    • Liquid Crystal Displays

    • Wireless Controllers


Module 6



Module 9

Design Thinking


Design Thinking Projects

  • Project 1: SOS

  • Project 2: Games

  • Project 3: Avoiding Obstacles

  • Project 4: Wireless Control

  • Project 5: 3D Printing

What does a Module on the LMS look like?

                           Try out Module 1 for yourself!

Scroll through Module 1 on the right and learn about the basics of circuitry. Interact with the module by clicking and sliding on the window!


Give it a try!

3D Printing
3D Print.png

3D Printing

Do you have a 3D printer in your classroom? 

Are you interested in utilizing it for exciting robotics projects?

Creator Bots allows you to incorporate 3D printing into robotics & coding in your classrooms! Each Creator Bot comes with its own 3D printing files and 3D Printing Guide so you can download our files, amend, and print them hassle free!

While 3D printing with your Creator Bot is completely optional,  it is an amazing way to add more design-thinking and creativity to your robotics units and programs by giving students more agency over their designs.

If you don't have a 3D printer, but want one, we would be happy to help you decide which one will best fit your needs.


Students can 3D print their own hoods, bumpers, and spoilers. They can also use any 3D modeling software (such as TinkerCAD®) to add a name on their bots, choose different colors, and add fun designs to colorful accessory pieces to customize their bots!

We also include advanced 3D printing and prototyping challenges!

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