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Best teaching tools

If you're looking for tools to help support your teaching during this school year, you’ve found the perfect list. We’ve explored some of the top-rated apps and websites for schools and teachers, from instructional support to organizational sites. These tools can help make your job a bit easier.

If you want to transform an activity into an interactive learning experience, turn boring quizzes into exciting games or start exploring technology-driven creative thinking with your class, we have some tools we hope you find useful:

Gimkit: A tool to make quizzes created by a high school student who thought he could improve the popular quizzes app Kahoot!, Gimkit allows teachers to create quizzes that students can answer over and over again while competing against each other. Students remain engaged with the game because of the multiple ways that students can earn points to win.

Common Curriculum: A lesson planner that will let you replace bulky binders. It promotes collaboration because of its flexible and collaborative lesson planning, calendar design, and classroom site creator. You will start saving precious time.

OER Commons: A free and easy tool to access a wealth of resources. It will make it easy for you as a teacher to connect with other educators and find relevant materials. You can search by subject area, standard, or keyword to find resources. You can also share these resources through Google Classroom or Schoology!

Wizer: An amazing digital worksheet builder that lets students show learning in multiple ways. Its attractive user interface makes assigning, submissions, and feedback fun and easy. With Wizer, you’ll create worksheets by using questions, images, videos, and even recording directions. You can flip the classroom dynamic by following videos with open response questions that can be discussed in class!

LMS: A good Learning management system is key to make the learning experience better for teachers, students, and parents. Finding the right LMS will help you organize all your classes content in an effective way to deliver it. Creator Bot Classroom Sets come with teacher/student access to interactive lessons held on an easy-to-use LMS that allows you to manage your classroom with ease while enabling students to learn both led by their teacher, and self-paced.

With the right tools, it is possible to create learning spaces that go beyond the traditional classroom experience. We’d love to know in the comments if you have implemented or know of other tools that have been useful to make your classes more fun and practical.

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