Mega Classroom Set of 12

Classroom Sets of 12 come with 1.5 hours of training for your teacher(s)!


What's included:


+ 12 Complete Creator Mega-Bots

+ 1.5 hours training

+ Premium Support

+ Step-by-step curriculum for delivery in school and after school, 160+ hours

+ Outlines for recommended course structure given optional class timeframes

+ Extra parts in case any are lost

+ Teaching aids and LMS to manage classroom and for course delivery, including standards-aligned lessons, challenges and quizzes

+ Teacher slides, teaching aids, and videos

+ 3D printable STL files and 3D printing guide to customize bots using a 3D printer

+ Modular, labeled Storage Containers ideal for the classroom and makerspace


*Batteries not included

Mega Classroom Set of 12

  • The number you see in Quantity is for 1x Classroom Set. 1x Classroom Set includes 12x Complete Kits.

Learning Management System

  • All of the curriculum for the Creator Bots is housed on our very own LMS and can be found at The content in the LMS is interactive! This means that the user can click, drag, slide, and watch to interact with all the lessons and challenges in the curriculum!


Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Learn coding and engineering in a complete project-based, hands-on package.


Video Tutorials

  • Enjoy the simplicity of learning from watching videos! Dive further into the engineering concepts by watching our hand crafted videos that explain each lesson step-by-step. 


3D Printable .STL Files

  • Using any 3D printer, simply click and print accessories for the Creator Bot! This includes a bumper, spoiler, top shell and fins! 


3D Printing Guide

  • Learn how to 3D print the STL files on any 3D printer and software. The whole idea around 3D printing is all about customization. Learn how to customize your Creator Bot's accessories to look and feel how you want. This includes color, shape, words, and more!